Develop on the blockchain! Learn how to develop distributed apps & smart contracts on the EOS blockchain that launches in June!

The EOS blockchain is an infant with no rattle. Its very life has been left in our hands by Gepetto. We can’t let down; it’s time to take up arms and fight for the blockchain that we all believe in. 

Thus, The Hack Til Dawn Hackathon was born. The community members, block producers and dapps that are helping sponsor this event all still support the hackathon put together by, but we want to offer a similar experience to those that can't physically attend and participate. Hack Til Dawn will be held online and allow anyone from anywhere to take part and have a shot at the prizes.

As part of it's support for Hack Til Dawn, EOS Detroit will be hosting an in-person, overnight launch event on Saturday, May 12th starting at 10:00 am ET and ending at 5:00 pm ET on May 13th. Pre-formed teams can participate, or show up individually to be paired up with other particiapants locally or across the globe.

The EOS Detroit crew will be on-site giving a crash course on EOS Development and assisting teams with questions.

After the in-person launch event, participants will have until May 19th at 11:59 am ET to submit their final projects to be judged by the sponsors and voted on by EOS token holders for a chance at cash and other prizes.

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The Hack-til-Dawn hackathon is available to developers all over the world. This is the event for the Detroit specific launch event. Teams are not bound by geography (a person from Detroit can submit a project from London). 


Project must be developed for the EOS blockchain. Additional requirements TBA.

How to enter

Once the Hackathon is open you will be able to upload contracts to a Hackathon EOS Node, and push applications to a Hackathon Server using Docker images. 

To be able to push projects you need to generate on EOS account on the Hack Til Dawn website ( Once you do you will get an EOS account to use to push contracts and login details to push docker images. 

Every project will get a subdomain matching their project name. For instance will be the address for a Hello World project.


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The EOS Detroit Team

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The Other Sponsors

Judging Criteria

  • Creativity
  • Utility
  • Design Quality